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Usha Exim is a certified Ethical Fair Trade multi-product Export Organisation which was launched to bring quality products and novel handicrafts to the world market with Ethical & Fair Trade practices.

About Us

Our Environment

Usha’s registered office and factory is spread across 15,000 square feet in the ideal commercial and industrial hub and central location of prestigious real-estate of Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase-III in New Delhi. The factory is equipped with most modern Japanese and indigenous state-of-the-art plants & equipments.


How It All Started?

Usha made its humble beginning with its quality production of beautifully handcrafted aesthetic Soapstone crafts in the Clean & Green Model Workshop situated at Agra. The essence of quality and fairness soon grew into a successful export business. Gradually, other craftlines were added due to buyer demand, resulting in transformation of Usha into a Center of Indian Traditional & Novel Handicrafts.



Usha has invested heavily in human resource development by installing a competent and professional team of Concept Designers, Merchandise Managers, Logistic Executives, Managers and a team of master craftsmen – all with distinct specialisations in their respective fields. In the past, our participation at International Trade Fairs like Ambiente, Tendence, Collectione, and Asian Living at Frankfurt, Germany, New York Gift Fair, Feirra Milano at Italy, Hong Kong Gift Show as well as Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fairs, New Delhi, gave us new impetus and vision to offer world class services and interact with buyer’s requirements intelligently.

A Word from our

Founder & Visionary

“Humanity can not be subjected to artificial restrictions. We author our own destiny. Extreme poverty is a curse while absolute luxury a sin, a truth which can not be disputed. Let’s responsibly write a new destiny of the world, maintaining the high standards of ethics, action and peace to attain our ultimate global goal – bliss and only bliss.”

– Lt. Prof. Shyam S. Sharma


Our Artisans


Munni - Artisan Success Story

Name – Munni
Marital Status – Married
Munni is a young married lady. She migrated from her village in Bhagalpur District of Bihar and came to Delhi. Illness has impaired her husband’s capacity to work at a normal pace. The responsibility of taking care of her ill husband and two school going children aged 9 and 6 respectively came upon her. Her financially predicament forced her to take up a job to support the family. She had never worked before and hence had no training or experience to her credit. Finding a job was a herculean task. She knocked at every possible door and was turned away due to lack of experience. She came to Usha Exim with her pitiable story and was offered training in skills of bag making. She was delighted to find a ray of hope in the midst of hopelessness. Usha Exim helped her learn bag making process and now she make various components of bags.

Vinita - Artisan Success Story

Name – Vinita Thapa
Marital Status – Unmarried
Vinita Thapa is a young girl from the far flung hills of Darjeeling in West Bengal. She is single and has studied up to the 8th grade in her native village. She arrived in Delhi hoping to find a good job, but was distressed at the treatment she received due to her young age and also faced racism at certain points. With no special skills and work experience, no one was willing to give her an opportunity to prove her worth in the society. Life was a bundle of disappointments for her. Living life was becoming a burden when she came to Usha Exim asking for a job.

Usha Exim introduced her to Fair Trade by providing her training at its production facility and now she is preparing components for stitching bags. She earns enough to take care of her family and is very pleased with the cordial relationship, clean environment and equal treatment meted out to workers.

Mohd. Mumtaz - Artisan Success Story

Name – Mohd. Mumtaz
Marital Status – Married
Mohd. Mumtaz is a native of Bihar. His preliminary education is at a Madrasa (Muslim school of education). He went to a school after that but as he was quite old as compared to other students of the same standard, he felt ashamed and left studies and went to Kolkata. There he started working as a helper. He is married and has three children one daughter and two sons.

He joined Usha in 2007. He was not trained in bag making. He learnt all bag related features at Usha and was trained under different Masters. His creativity and learning capability made him to excel in the field such that he is heading his own group now.

Veena - Artisan Success Story

Name – Veena
Marital Status – Married
Veena is a 35 years old leather artisan from Uttrakhand. She has six sisters and a brother. Father, now retired, was in a private job. She studied till IX standard. She wanted to pursue her study but being from a poor family and having six sisters, she was forced to get married approx. at the age 16 or 17. She has two children, one boy in class XI and Girl in IV standard. She was a house maker for quite some time. Three years before her husband got bed ridden because of some disease, she was left with no option but to work, to run her family and to continue the education of her children.

She had no working experience and was not educated enough. She felt miserable and thought maybe she could have studied. Now she does not want her children to have the same fate so she wants both of them to be well educated and she does not want her daughter to get married till she stands on her feet.

She took few jobs here and there but she faced payment problems or sometimes atmosphere was not good. Above all she had no experience. Somehow she joined the group who is working with Usha. Here she was trained to make different parts of the bag. Slowly and steadily she learnt different processes of bag making. Now she is great at almost everything.

She is happy now. She gets her payment on time. She even gets advance payment if she needs it. Her voice is heard and we are there to understand her vows.

Upon asking what do you think about your future goal. She says,”My future is my children and my goal is now that my children should be well educated and both of them should get good jobs.”

Qurban Ali - Artisan Success Story
Name – Qurban Ali
Marital Status – Married
Qurban Ali is the Master Artisan at Village Karonda in District Gautam Budh Nagar of Uttar Pradesh. He leads a small family workshop consisting of six women and three men team of producer group. The Jewelry Manufacturing Group lead by Qurban Ali has been functioning since last 5 years. The artisans confirmed that Fair Trade has revolutionized their lives with living wages paid on time, clean work environments and more resources to send their younger ones to education. Their only plea is to increase volumes of work orders so that their group can expand exponentially so that their neighbours could also benefit from the fruit of Fair Trade.

Usha's Social Commitment


Usha is committed to equity, fairness, justice and accountability towards all stakeholders including its workers, artisans / producers as well as buyers. In token of this commitment, Usha has irrevocably pledged 5% of its profits donated to World Family Forum with no strings attached to help it achieve its noble goals of social development and equity, while marketing its aesthetic products globally on the strength of quality, economy and customer satisfaction.

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